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  • blue midi dress

    Blue Midi Dress | Strapless corset bodice satin midi dress FN6102

    Sleek, shiny satin moves with you in this elegant, off-the-shoulder Blue Midi Dress. A refined sweetheart neckline, full skirt, and waist detail make it the perfect celebration ensemble. Indulge in timeless elegance with the Strapless Corset Bodice Satin Blue Midi Dress from Fannonnaf. This exquisite dress combines a strapless design with a corset bodice and…

  • Gold Maxi Dress

    Emily Metallic Gold Maxi Dress FN4070

    We’re bringing you the party dress you’ll want to keep on all night long, honey! If the ambition this season is to make an entrance, then the ‘Emily’ pulls out all the stops. Light up the room in this liquid gold, midi number; this Gold Maxi Dress is at its best just finished with a…

  • Satin Gown

    Fannonnaf | One-Shoulder Satin A-line With Skirt Slit FN3058

    Special Occasion :

    Shine like a vision in this glossy. satin gown featuring an asymmetric neckline and sweeping skirt with thigh-high slit. Best for prom or any formal.

  • Green Sequin Dress

    Green Sequin Dress | Features a high slit and a flared Skirt FN6106

    This stunning Green Sequin Dress features a ruffled bodice, creating a romantic and feminine look. The back is adorned with a discreet zipper, ensuring a perfect fit while maintaining the sleek design. Intricate floral embroidery and cut-out detailing grace the front, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to the ensemble. The skirt boasts a…

  • MNM Couture FN4075

    MNM Couture FN4075

    MNM Couture FN4075 is a breathtakingly elegant and exquisitely crafted evening gown that seamlessly blends timeless sophistication with contemporary style. This exceptional creation by MNM Couture showcases the brand’s commitment to providing women with exceptional fashion pieces that make them feel confident, beautiful, and utterly unforgettable. The MNM Couture FN4075 gown is a true work…

  • MNM Couture FN4076

    MNM Couture FN4076

    MNM Couture FN4076 is a stunning and elegant evening gown that effortlessly combines glamour and sophistication. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this dress showcases the brand’s commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and exquisite style. The MNM Couture FN4076 features a timeless silhouette that flatters the female form. The bodice of the gown is beautifully embellished…

  • MNM Couture FN6108

    MNM Couture FN6108

    MNM Couture FN6108 is a breathtakingly elegant evening gown that exudes sophistication and glamour. This exquisite dress showcases the perfect fusion of classic design elements and modern trends, making it a standout choice for any special occasion or formal event. Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, MNM Couture FN6108 embodies the brand’s commitment…

  • Naja Saade RTW FN6101

    Naja Saade RTW FN6101

    The Naja Saade RTW FN6101 is a remarkable piece of high fashion that effortlessly captures elegance, sophistication, and modernity. Designed by the renowned Lebanese fashion designer Naja Saade, this ready-to-wear (RTW) garment exemplifies his distinctive style and meticulous attention to detail. The FN6101 dress is a true masterpiece that showcases the perfect fusion of contemporary…

  • red sequin dress

    Red Sequin Dress | Shimmer Ruched Dress FN4079

    Step into the world of grandeur and elegance with Fannonnaf’s Red Sequin Dress. This exquisite dress is not just an outfit, it’s a statement of style and sophistication that perfectly blends luxury with comfort. A glamorous floor-length dress that’s dripping in Metallic Shimmer Ruched Dress, with an elegant knot detail at the waist. Fit &…

  • slit dress

    Slit Dress | Embroidery Decoration and a High Slit Dresses FN6105

    A deep V-neck evening gown with waist embroidery decoration and a slit dress at the front. Are you ready to make a stunning fashion statement that will leave everyone in awe? Look no further than our fabulous Embroidery Decoration and High Slit Dresses! With their intricate embroidery details and daring high slits, these dresses are…

  • The Dorian Dress FN6242

    The Dorian Dress FN6242

    The Dorian Dress FN6242 is a stunning and sophisticated garment that embodies elegance and style. Designed to make a statement, this exquisite dress is the perfect choice for special occasions and formal events. With its timeless silhouette and attention to detail, it is sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression. The Dorian is…