Black Tulle Dress | Tiered Gown FN6260

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A formal Black Tulle Dress | Tiered Gown featuring adjustable straps, a corset-inspired top with boning in the bodice, sheer panels throughout, and a tiered skirt. It has an invisible zipper and a hook and eye closure. Experience the beauty of sophisticated fashion with the Black Tulle Dress (Tiered Gown). This striking gown embodies the spirit of classic glamour, effortlessly combined with a modern edge, making it a stellar choice for any woman who wishes to steal the show.

This stunning Corset Tiered Gown is the perfect choice for any special occasion. The dress is made of soft tulle fabric and features a fitted corset bodice, a tiered skirt, and an open back. The dress is available in various colors, including red ochre, dark nude, sunset orange, light nude, black, and open diamond mesh black.

Features of Black Tulle Dress (Tiered Gown)

  • Fitted corset bodice
  • Tiered skirt
  • Open back
  • Available in a variety of colors

Design Highlights: Unparalleled Allure

The gown features a stunning corset-style bodice that beautifully accentuates the waist and adds a touch of vintage appeal. The tiered design of the skirt adds volume and movement, making a statement with every sway. This design not only ensures a visually appealing silhouette but also adds a romantic and whimsical charm to the ensemble.

Black Tulle Dress, Tiered Gown’s Fabric

The Black Tulle Dress Corset Tiered Gown FN6260 is crafted from the finest soft tulle, providing a delicate and ethereal aesthetic. The texture is smooth and flowing, adding a sense of grace and elegance to your movements. Select variants also feature an open diamond mesh, offering a unique contrast and enhancing the overall visual interest of the gown.

Color Choices: A Palette of Sophistication

This exquisite gown comes in a variety of color options, each offering a unique aesthetic:

  • Soft Tulle Red Ochre: A deep, vibrant hue that exudes an aura of passion and sophistication.
  • Soft Tulle Dark Nude: A subtle and elegant color that enhances the feminine appeal of the gown.
  • Soft Tulle Sunset Orange: A vibrant, warm color that is reminiscent of a beautiful sunset, adding a dash of intrigue.
  • Soft Tulle Light Nude: A soft and delicate shade that brings out the gown’s romantic charm.
  • Soft Tulle Black: An ever-classic and elegant color that complements any event.
  • Open Diamond Mesh Black: A unique and stylish option that adds an element of surprise to the gown.

Black Tulle Dress, Tiered Gown’s Size and Fit

Designed to highlight the beauty of every body type, the Corset Tiered Gown FN6260 offers a flattering silhouette. Its design is focused on enhancing your natural shape while ensuring the utmost comfort. For the best fit, we recommend following the size guide on our website, taking your measurements carefully to ensure the gown fits you perfectly.

The Corset Black Tulle Dress Tiered Gown FN6260 is the embodiment of style and elegance. Its unique design, luxurious fabric, and diverse color palette make it a show-stopper at any event. Whether you’re attending a formal gala, a wedding, or a sophisticated party, this gown ensures you’re the center of attention. Step into the world of luxurious fashion with the Corset Tiered Gown FN6260, and let every occasion be an opportunity to showcase your unparalleled style.


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