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The Jadore Dress is an embodiment of elegance and allure. Designed for the modern woman who values high fashion, comfort, and quality, this dress radiates sophistication. The J22066 design captures the timeless charm of a cocktail dress while adding a unique contemporary twist.

Let people fall in love with your aesthetic beauty as you wear this stunning dress designed by Jadore J22066. It has a plunging mesh V-neckline with long cape sleeves that add a flare to the entire look. The fitted bodice features ruched detailing, forming a knotted design at the center. This cocktail dress is thoroughly glammed-up with shimmers.

A Captivating Palette: Midnight, Mocha, and Red

This glamorous Jadore dress comes in three striking colors: Midnight, Mocha, and Red. The Midnight shade offers a deep, mysterious appeal, while the Mocha is a subtle, sophisticated color that adds warmth. The Red option is bold and vibrant, perfect for those who love to stand out. Each color enhances the shimmering details of the dress, creating a captivating look.

Sizing for Every Woman

The Jadore J22066 Dress caters to a wide range of sizes, from 2 to 30, ensuring every woman finds her perfect fit. The dress is designed to flatter various body types, enhancing your natural curves and adding to your inherent beauty.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

The Jadore J22066 Dress showcases the brand’s commitment to excellent craftsmanship. Every seam, every stitch, and every detail is meticulously placed, resulting in a garment of high quality and style. The dress features a plunging mesh V-neckline and long cape sleeves, enhancing the overall design and adding a unique flair.

Intriguing Design Details

The design of the Jadore J22066 Dress is full of intriguing details. The dress features a fitted bodice with ruched detailing, forming a knotted design at the center. The long cape sleeves add a dramatic touch, and the entire dress is glammed-up with shimmers, making it a true showstopper.

Styling the Jadore J22066 Dress

The Jadore J22066 Dress offers numerous styling possibilities. It pairs well with simple, elegant accessories for a refined look or with bold, statement pieces for a more dramatic effect. The shimmering details of the dress make it suitable for various occasions, from formal dinners to glamorous parties.

A Dress for All Events

The Jadore J22066 Dress is a versatile piece that is perfect for any event. Whether you’re attending a wedding, a cocktail party, or a formal event, this dress ensures you’ll be the center of attention. Its unique design and captivating details make it a must-have addition to any wardrobe.

Quality That Shines

Jadore is renowned for its high-quality garments, and the J22066 Dress is a testament to this. The dress is made with premium materials that are both comfortable and durable, reflecting Jadore’s commitment to creating garments that look beautiful and feel luxurious.

Care Instructions for Your Dress

To keep the Jadore J22066 Dress looking its best, it is recommended to follow the specific care instructions provided. This will ensure the dress maintains its shape, color, and overall quality for many memorable events to come.

Why Choose the Jadore J22066 Dress

Choosing the Jadore J22066 Dress means choosing a garment that marries style, quality, and versatility. This dress makes a fashion statement that reflects the modern woman’s desire for high fashion without compromising on comfort or quality. With the J22066 Dress, you will feel confident, elegant, and glamorous, no matter the occasion.


Midnight, Mocha, Red


2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30