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The Clementine is a bustier style fitted dress. It has vertical gathered cups, adjustable straps, a princess-seamed mermaid skirt with gussets, a side front slit, and an invisible zipper opening at the back.

The Clementine Dress is an elegant and fashionable piece that combines both style and comfort. This bustier-style fitted dress is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a romantic date night, a formal event, or a special celebration with friends and family. With its array of colors and prints, the Clementine Dress allows you to express your personal style with confidence and grace.

Flattering Design and Fit

The Clementine Dress features vertical gathered cups that provide support and enhance the bust area. Its adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit, while the princess-seamed mermaid skirt gracefully hugs your curves and flares out towards the hem, creating a stunning silhouette. The dress also includes gussets for added comfort and movement and a sultry side-front slit that adds a touch of allure to the overall design.

Convenient and Secure Closure

An invisible zipper opening at the back of the Clementine Dress guarantees a seamless and polished look. This practical and discreet closure ensures that you can comfortably slip in and out of the dress without compromising its sleek appearance.

A Palette of Gorgeous Colors and Prints

The Clementine Dress is available in an extensive range of fabric colors, including:

  • Light Georgette Ivory
  • Light Georgette Champagne
  • Light Georgette Red
  • Light Georgette Pale Grey
  • Light Georgette Navy
  • Light Georgette Berry
  • Light Georgette Wine
  • Light Georgette Pale Blue
  • Light Georgette Black
  • Light Georgette Lilac
  • Light Georgette Warm Blush
  • Light Georgette Sage Green
  • Light Georgette Dark Nude
  • Light Georgette Pale Yellow
  • Light Georgette Dark Chocolate
  • Light Georgette Rust
  • Light Georgette Cobalt
  • Light Georgette Hot Pink
  • Light Georgette Teal
  • Light Georgette Plum
  • Light Georgette Cherry Red
  • Light Georgette Rose Gold
  • Light Georgette Chartreuse
  • Light Georgette Forest

and many more captivating shades and tones.

Unique and Stylish Prints

In addition to the solid color options, the Clementine Dress also comes in a variety of eye-catching prints:

  • Light Georgette (Printed) Candy Floral Royal Blue
  • Light Georgette (Printed) Paisley Floral Sage
  • Light Georgette (Printed) Sorrento Floral Black
  • Light Georgette (Printed) Tulip Garland Black
  • Light Georgette (Printed) Desert Toile Champagne
  • Light Georgette (Printed) Brushstroke Floral Bright Teal
  • Light Georgette (Printed) Abstract Brushstroke Pastel
  • Light Georgette (Printed) Holographic Pineapple Black
  • Light Georgette (Printed) Abstract Ribbon Champagne

These unique prints offer a chic and modern twist to the classic Clementine Dress design, allowing you to make a bold statement at any event.

Make the Clementine Dress Your Own

With its timeless design, impeccable fit, and vast selection of colors and prints, the Clementine Dress is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. This versatile dress is suitable for a wide range of events and occasions, and its flattering silhouette is sure to make you look and feel your best. Don’t miss the opportunity to make the Clementine Dress your go-to option for style and elegance. Choose your favorite color or print today, and step out in confidence and sophistication.

Comfort Meets Style

The Clementine Dress not only offers a gorgeous design and a variety of colors and prints, but it also ensures that you’ll be comfortable throughout your event. The Light Georgette fabric is lightweight, breathable, and drapes beautifully, making it perfect for dancing the night away or attending an outdoor gathering during warmer months.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Caring for the Clementine Dress is a breeze. Its high-quality Light Georgette fabric is low maintenance and easy to clean, ensuring that your dress will look stunning for years to come. Simply follow the care instructions provided, and you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty and elegance of your Clementine Dress time and time again.

Versatility for Various Occasions

One of the standout features of the Clementine Dress is its versatility. The wide range of colors and prints available means that you can find the perfect dress for any event, from a casual garden party to a black-tie gala. The adjustable straps and flattering design also make it suitable for all body types, allowing you to feel confident and stylish no matter the occasion.


light-georgette_ivory, light-georgette_champagne, light-georgette_red, light-georgette_pale-grey, light-georgette_navy, light-georgette_berry, light-georgette_wine, light-georgette_pale-blue, light-georgette_black, light-georgette_lilac, light-georgette_warm-blush, light-georgette_sage-green, light-georgette_dark-nude, light-georgette_pale-yellow, light-georgette_dark-chocolate, light-georgette_rust, light-georgette_cobalt, light-georgette_hot-pink, light-georgette_teal, light-georgette_plum, light-georgette_cherry-red, light-georgette_rose-gold, light-georgette_chartreuse, light-georgette_forest, light-georgette_animal-mix-champagne, light-georgette_rose-bloom-burgundy, light-georgette_orangeade, light-georgette_watermelon, light-georgette_bright-mint, light-georgette_aqua, light-georgette_papaya, light-georgette_dandelion, light-georgette_opal, light-georgette_bright-iris, light-georgette_raspberry, light-georgette_lapis, light-georgette_petunia, light-georgette_kiwi, light-georgette_coral, light-georgette_sunflower-yellow, light-georgette_emerald, light-georgette_fern, light-georgette_lavender, light-georgette_dark-tan, light-georgette_coffee, light-georgette_bright-teal, light-georgette_pine, light-georgette_amethyst, light-georgette-(printed)_candy-floral-royal-blue, light-georgette-(printed)_paisley-floral-sage, light-georgette-(printed)_sorrento-floral-black, light-georgette-(printed)_tulip-garland-black, light-georgette-(printed)_desert-toile-champagne, light-georgette-(printed)_brushstroke-floral-bright-teal, light-georgette-(printed)_abstract-brushstroke-pastel, light-georgette-(printed)_holographic-pineapple-black, light-georgette-(printed)_abstract-ribbon-champagne